4 Ways to Deal with Sugar Craving Naturally: The Feet Stimulation Exercise

Recent research has proven that addiction to sugar is more dangerous than even addiction to smoking Its pretty obvious that to cut sugar out of your diet, you just have to say NO to anything that you know has sugar in it. These sugar-foods are usually processed food items, canned food (canned fruits as well) candies, colas, and most fruit juice cans, and yogurts and ice creams as well.

The big problem is not so much how to say No, but how to deal with the sugar craving that follows if you say no, especially if the food or drink item in question is one that is part of your lifestyle. The following tips are very effective and if you commit yourself to follow them, you will find yourself balancing your weight naturally, becoming a lot calmer and clear-headed, sleeping better, digesting food better, while most skin and hair problems get healed as a side-effect of having cleaner blood.

Go to sleep early
Our bodies require sugar and carbohydrates more in the first and second parts of the …

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