4 Ways to Deal with Sugar Craving Naturally: The Feet Stimulation Exercise

Recent research has proven that addiction to sugar is more dangerous than even addiction to smoking Its pretty obvious that to cut sugar out of your diet, you just have to say NO to anything that you know has sugar in it. These sugar-foods are usually processed food items, canned food (canned fruits as well) candies, colas, and most fruit juice cans, and yogurts and ice creams as well.

The big problem is not so much how to say No, but how to deal with the sugar craving that follows if you say no, especially if the food or drink item in question is one that is part of your lifestyle. The following tips are very effective and if you commit yourself to follow them, you will find yourself balancing your weight naturally, becoming a lot calmer and clear-headed, sleeping better, digesting food better, while most skin and hair problems get healed as a side-effect of having cleaner blood.

  • Go to sleep early

Our bodies require sugar and carbohydrates more in the first and second parts of the endocrine cycle, ie. between 3-4am - 12noon. During this time, our brains are more alert and because the brain uses glucose to work, the body in general wants and uses up more sugar or carbohydrates than during the remainder of the day. Afternoon, the body's use of sugar lessens and if we are healthy, our craving for sugar should also lessen. However, if sugar has become a part of our daily lifestyle, we continue taking it in and storing it up or passing it through the system unnecessarily right through the evening and night.

The fact is, the more awake we are through the night, the more sugar we are unnecessarily keeping and storing in the body, the harder it is for our heart to keep the blood - which is heavy with sugar - circulating, the harder it is for our pancreas, liver, kidneys and endocrine glands to maintain chemical balance in the body. This shows up in fat piling up, disordered sleep cycles, and the side-effects could be depression, insomnia, weight-gain along with various other nervous systems, liver, kidney and heart problems. Read the previous article about "The Number One Supplement for Quitting Sugar: Which Forms are the Best".

The easy way to get around this is to go to sleep early - as is natural. When we are asleep, the energy in our body gets diverted away from waking processes that require sugar and carbs (like brain work) to long-term strength development processes like bone cell development, skin and hair regeneration, hormonal gland balancing and so on. Our heart rests as our nervous system stops being frenetic, our digestive organs calm down as there is no new batch of food to work on, and so on. This is an indispensable REAL effective method to prevent diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis, infertility, clinical depression - all of which are ultimately hormonal imbalances usually caused by making our bodies work outside of or beyond the natural waking time.

  • Eat your meals on time.

Every time you feel hungry - and that is usually around your meal-time, stop whatever you're doing and have something decent to eat. Whatever food is traditional to you is the best for you_ this is food that your grandparents or parents cooked at home for you during your childhood, that you really enjoyed. If those foods are unhealthy, refined and processed then learn to turn them into a healthier version.
If you don't have your meals on time, as you get more and more hungry, your body starts craving for simpler and simpler ways to get the sugar to meet the immediate glucose demands from your brain. This means you start craving sugar more and more. To avoid this scenario, simply eat around the times you know you'll be hungry. Don't wait to go crazy with hunger before you eat, because this means you'll be popping sweet things into your mouth just to keep yourself going while you prepare or get your next meal. Don't forget to have a large glass of alkaline water to curb your appetite before eating.

  • Do not linger in gatherings or places where sugar-filled drinks or foods are served

This is just plain, isn't it? The more you hang out in places where everyone else is having sugar-filled foods and drinks, the higher your chances are of having them too. Sometimes its a part of social bonding and you might be forced to overlook the negative effects of sugar on your body as you try to fit in with the moment. Remember what's more important. Your body, your health, is the basis of your life here, and none of your sincere friends and family can help you if you don't take care of your body's needs first.

  • Raise your body awareness_ do the feet stimulation exercise

Our awareness of our body, or the quality of the connection between our mind and our body, determine to what extent our lifestyle will match the natural needs of our body. For example, a person who is constantly involved with work might ignore the need of her body to exercise and only a few years later realize she had ignored her body's needs all along. If she had been more in touch with her body she would have naturally been more physically active and not found herself in the current situation today.

The same principle applies to sugar cravings or addictions of any sort. If you are in touch with your body, you'll find yourself going against yourself to have sugar, rather than pacifying your body. To become aware of your body, there is a simple foot exercise that greatly helps those with sugar cravings. You sit in a chair and lift your feet off the floor. Then in one go you bang your feet down onto the floor taking care to put the entire foot down. You will sense vibrations coming up from the soles of your feet up into your legs. Keep going, bringing your feet down once every second and a half or so. You do this till you feel the vibrations all through your body.

Every time you find yourself craving for sugar, rush to a chair and do the foot exercise, or just jump up and down wherever you are, or alternate feet on the floor. After you have felt the vibrations from your feet going all through your body, you'll find that you now want to have something else other than the sugar food or drink. You might actually be hungry for something protein filled or vitamin filled instead. This is because you've come a little more in touch with your body's real needs.

Tip: How to stop the craving for processed foods with sugar?

  • Eat more fiber foods
  • Increase protein in your diet
  • Drink more alkaline water
  • Carry a healthy substitute

Adequate nutrition of vitamins and minerals will allow your body to fight against various diseases so find out your vitamins and minerals deficiency.